Retail Space Features

Indiana Gateway Shoppes is now completed and ready for occupancy. We are very flexible with your space requirements and in tenant fit outs. If you are looking for retail space that brings more traffic to your door, this is the best spot in all of Indiana PA! The corner lot is home to the most heavily trafficked intersection in the county, and you will be visible and have great easy access to the key demographic groups in the county. Situated at the intersection of the primary downtown thoroughfare and the main thoroughfare out of town to the north and east, the intersection handles most of the traffic to the high school, middle school, country club, and area athletic fields. It also attracts significant foot traffic from the main downtown area of Indiana and bicycle traffic as well! It is perfect for any specialty retail or food/restaurant business that targets the younger population of the area as they almost all travel past here on a regular basis.

It is far easier for customers to access this location than the main retail cluster which is a couple of miles south of the population center. Because of the available parking, it is much more easily accessible than the downtown locations.

Our first tenant, Verizon Wireless Zone, is seeing a very significant increase in traffic compared to the their previous store in the retail corridor, and several times the traffic the store had when they were located in the downtown area prior to being in the retail cluster. How much will increased customer traffic mean to your business?